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15 Minutes to Live

By Phoef Sutton (also read by)

“Phoef Sutton has a wonderful and unique voice. This is a romantic tale, full of suspense and human emotion. It’s also funny in its own special way. Once I started it, I couldn’t stop.”
—Janet Evanovich

“Just brilliant. A twisty, turny, thriller. Every time you think you’ve got it, it races ahead of you.”
—Steven Moffat, creator of SHERLOCK

Carl’s first love returns and rekindles their sexually-charged romance. There’s just one problem. She died three weeks ago. Is she an imposter? A ghost? Or is the answer even more chilling? A brilliant thriller from a multiple Emmy-Award winning writer.

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Atlanta Deathwatch

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

Jim Hardman was a mediocre Atlanta cop until he was wrongly accused of corruption and thrown off the force. Now he works as an unlicensed PI, trouble-shooter and bodyguard… often partnered with his drinking buddy Hump Evans, a black, ex-NFL player who supports his playboy lifestyle by working as hired muscle. Hardman is hired by The Man, a black mobster, to investigate the murder of his white girlfriend, a college student. It’s a case that plunges Hardman and Evans into the center of a violent street war that stretches from Atlanta’s seedy back alleys to the marbled corridors of power.

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The Blow-Up

By James Barry, read by Megan Trout

“[A] propulsive legal thriller. The secrets that emerge will keep readers turning pages.”
Publishers Weekly

Criminal defense attorney Caron Mooney’s life is blown apart when her Hampton’s home is destroyed in a gas explosion…and the naked bodies of her husband Jason and a woman identified as Emma Shipman are found in the smoking rubble.

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Bonita Faye

By Margaret Moseley, read by Carol Herman

“One of the funniest, most resourceful and optimistic heroines you’ll ever come across.”
Dallas Morning News

When small-town girl Bonita Faye’s abusive husband, car salesman and fishing guide is killed, she begins an adventurous new life that takes her from Poteau, Oklahoma to Paris and back again in a story of murder and redemption… and more murder… stretching over three decades.

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The Charleston Knife Is Back in Town

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

The second novel in the unforgettable Hardman series by Ralph Dennis. Five kids rip off a gambling party attended by Hump Evans and some of Atlanta’s criminal and political elite. Hardman is hired to recover the loot and find the kids before they are caught and butchered by a hitman from Charleston with a very sharp knife.

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Dead Man's Badge

By Robert E. Dunn, read by Don Alfredano

“Fans of Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns will find a lot to like.”
Publishers Weekly

Career criminal Longview Moody, on the run from killers, assumes his dead, twin brother’s identity as the new Chief of Police of a Texas town that’s being terrorized by a Mexican drug cartel. To pull off the deadly deception, Longview desperately works to become the kind of cop and man that his brother was. But when the two lives he’s living converge, he’s forced to embrace the violence within him to get justice…and vengeance.

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Desert Getaway

By Michael E. Craft, read by Joel Froomkin

A 2022 Lilian Jackson Braun Award Finalist from the Mystery Writers of America

Dante O’Donnell is white, gay and getting older every day. He has wasted his better years on starstruck dreams and the wrong men, so now he’s working as a concierge for a vacation-rental outfit in Palm Springs, where the guests have far more baggage than just what’s packed in their suitcases. But when he finds a dead body floating in the swimming pool of one of his rentals, his own troubled past comes back to haunt him.

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Down Among the Jocks

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

Hardman works to clear Hump of a murder charge, an investigation that takes him from the top of the sports world to the pits of Atlanta’s illegal gambling scene.

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EYE of the storme

Eye of the Storme

By W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

A young co-ed is raped by a country music legend in Branson, the “NashVegas” of Missouri. Ignored by the police, she turns to TV newswoman Sandy Collingsworth for help. Sandy’s investigation stirs up a hornet’s nest of corruption and crime, putting her in the mob’s crosshairs …something her boyfriend Wyatt Storme, a freelance troubleshooter, won’t abide. Storme rolls into Branson like a hurricane with his buddy Chick Easton, an unhinged ex-CIA operative, to settle the score with his own brand of justice.

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The Golden Girl and All

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

Hardman is hired to find Peggy Holt, a drug dealer, stripper, and serial seductress who has kidnapped her six-year-old daughter from her ex-husband. Peggy has disappeared into an Atlanta underworld populated by the dirty cops, crooked lawyers, and violent mobsters that she’s bedded and betrayed… and who keep coming back for more. The only way Hardman can find her is to follow the trail of corpses that she’s left in her wake without becoming one himself.

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Hail Storme

By W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

“For those of us who still feel an ache for the immortal John D. MacDonald, there might finally be a replacement on the horizon.”
Tampa Tribune

The first Wyatt Storme novel. Storme is hunting in Missouri when he stumbles upon a hidden field of marijuana… and becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy of corruption, drug-trafficking and organized crime.

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The Last Good Place

By Robin Burcell, read by Travis Baldree

“A fabulous reboot of a beloved classic.”
—J.T. Ellison, NY Times bestselling author

SFPD Detectives Al Krug and Casey Kellog hunt a serial killer in a race-against-the-clock investigation that propels them into the deadly intersection of politics, real estate, media and vice. A stunning new crime novel in the series that became the hit TV show THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO.

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The Lemon Man

By Keith Bruton, read by John Keating

“What fun. Bruton’s darkly funny Irish noir sparkles. If a hitman and a baby aren’t the best pitch in ages, then I don’t know what is.”
—Linwood Barclay, NY Times bestselling author

The Lemon Man is Patrick Callen, a bicycle-riding hitman with mild OCD in Dublin, Ireland whose carefully ordered life is totally upended when he becomes the accidental caretaker of a baby boy.

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Make My Bed In Hell

By John Sanford, read by Shawn Compton

“The prose is fresh and energetic, the story-telling superb, and the writing comes out as raw and terrifying as an exposed nerve.” 
New York Times

On a freezing night, a lone farmer in the Adriondacks finds a starving man in his barn…what unfolds between the two men, past and present, is a brisk, gritty depiction of crime and punishment. A literary, crime fiction classic, out of print for 60 years.

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By Margaret Mosely, read by Jan Ross

“For the little schizo in all of us.”
—Harlan Coben

Millicent Le Sueur is an eccentric, obsessive-compulsive bag lady in a rural Southern town who witnesses the hit-and-run killing of a teenage girl. Or so she claims. Some townsfolk believe she killed the girl and made up the story to cover her crime. Battling her neuroses and psychoses, and counting her steps along the way, she tracks a killer she hopes won’t count her as the next victim.

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The Old Man's Place

By John Sanford, read by Shawn Compton

A trio of vicious World War One veterans descend on the farm in the Adirondack mountains where one of them grew up and his father now lives alone. They embark on happily wreaking drunken havoc at the old man’s place and in the nearby town. But when a naive, mail-order bride arrives, she ignites a tinderbox of resentment, lust, and betrayal among the men that explodes in brutal depravity, bloody violence and shocking death.

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Outrage At Blanco

By Bill Crider, read by John Burlinson

“As clean and sharp as a fine Bowie knife.”

“True Grit” meets “Gran Torino” in this blazingly-original crime novel from Anthony Award winner Bill Crider. A noir thriller with a Western bent, this story of revenge is filled with twists and turns you’ll never see coming.

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Outside the Law

By Phillip Thompson, read by J. Rodney Turner

“A winner in the tradition of JUSTIFIED.”
—Reed Farrel Coleman, NY Times bestselling author

Colt Harper is the sheriff in a rural Mississippi county who goes up against a Memphis drug cartel and their cold-blooded assassin and will do whatever it take to get justice… even if it means going outside the law.

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Pimp For the Dead Audiobook

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

A small-town farmer hires Hardman to find his teenage daughter who ran off to Atlanta to become a model…and ended up a hooker.  It’s fast work for Hardman, but she’s gunned down minutes after he finds her. To hunt her killer, Hardman and Hump Evans take a deep dive into a bottomless cesspool of vice and greed that could drown them.

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The Preacher audiobook Ted Thackrey Jr.

By Ted Thackrey Jr., read by Shawn Compton

A mysterious, one-eyed stranger wanders into Farewell, New Mexico, a dusty border town rife with corruption. He’s known only as The Preacher, an ex-Priest, ex-Special Forces commando, and now a professional gambler who has given up on his own salvation… but is determined to find justice for a murdered Vietnam vet… even if it means taking on the entire God-forsaken town.

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The Preacher: Aces & Eights

By Ted Thackrey Jr., read by Shawn Compton

The Preacher, the ex-priest and Vietnam vet turned professional gambler, is playing the highest stakes poker game ever dealt. His opponents are mobsters, arms dealers and terrorists. The jackpot is an atomic bomb. And if he loses, the entire city of Las Vegas will be dealt the Dead Man’s Hand.

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The Preacher: King of Diamonds

By Ted Thackrey Jr., read by Shawn Compton

Once he served God as a priest. Once he served his country as a soldier. Now, he serves fate…and his need for redemption…by roaming the country as a professional gambler known only as the Preacher. He brings his high-stakes game of death and justice to a California casino that’s the temple for a deadly cult led by a brilliant psychopath with horrific intentions.

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The Preacher Trilogy

By Ted Thackrey Jr., read by Shawn Compton

All three books in the Edgar Award-nominated Preacher series: The Preacher, Aces & Eights and King of Diamonds.

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The Sorcerer and The Assassin

By Stephen O’Shea, read by Jake Ruddle

It’s 1242. Dominican inquisitors are traveling in France, persecuting and torturing suspected heretics. But then someone starts killing the Inquisitors….and whoever it is must be stopped before the fanatical Dominicans wreak their brutal revenge. So the Crown sends Balian of Mallorca, a notorious alchemist/physician/polyglot who many believe to be a sorcerer, to Languedoc to solve the perplexing mystery.

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The Spy Killer

By Jimmy Sangster, read by James Greville

“Very astutely plotted, with many surprising twists and a sharp bite.”
New York Times

Ex-British spy John Smith agrees to follow his ex-wife’s cheating husband… and finds himself back in a world of betrayal and espionage.

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Storme Front

by W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

To help a desperate friend, ex-footballer Wyatt Storme and his hard-charging buddy Chick Easton ride shotgun on an illegal gun shipment…and things go very wrong. The second novel in the action-packed series.

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Storme Surge

by W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

All five novels in the action-packed, wild, and witty Wyatt Storme series in one volume: Hail Storme, Storme Front, Eye of the Storme, Storme Warning and Thunder Storme.

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storme warning

Storme Warning audiobook cover

By W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

The fourth novel featuring Wyatt Storme, the ex-football player turned troubleshooter that critics are hailing as the long-awaited heir to Travis McGee and Spenser. This time, Storme is hired to protect a bad-boy movie star getting well-deserved death threats.

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A Talent For Killing audio book

By Ralph Dennis, read by Shawn Compton

“Every line is razor sharp and without an ounce of fat. Jason Bourne fans will find a lot to like.”
Publishers Weekly

Kane was a top CIA assassin. The Agency wiped his memory—but his talent for killing has returned with a vengeance… for anybody who can pay his price.

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Texas Vigilante

By Bill Crider, read by John Burlinson

“Crider’s prose slices through conventions and expectations.”

After her heart-wrenching quest for revenge in Bill Crider’s original western crime novel Outrage at Blanco, Ellie Taine dusts off her guns to dish out more justice in this powerful story of vengeance and violence.

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Thunder Storme by W.L. Ripley

By W.L. Ripley, read by J. Rodney Turner

In the fifith Wyatt Storme novel, Storme takes on the Kansas City mob, the Dixie Mafia and a local crime syndicate vying for control of a casino project.

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Touchfeather audio book cover

By Jimmy Sangster, read by Helen Taylor

The wild, swinging ’60s espionage thriller is back! Katy Touchfeather is an airline stewardess who’s actually a deadly British spy, tracking a scientist suspected of selling secrets to the Russians.

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True Grift

By Jack Bunker, read by Harry Dyson

“A breezy page-turner that’s fun-filled and loaded with laughs from the jump.”
—Joseph Wambaugh

“Reader Dyson reports on the action with a rich, almost comforting voice flexible enough to underline Edwards’s sarcastic, mean-spirited criticisms of his team while simultaneously exposing him for the arrogant bully he is. Dyson keeps it light and smart for much of the book, but has no problem turning tough when the game is almost done and blood is spilled.”
Publishers Weekly STARRED Review

A bankrupt lawyer and a greedy insurance adjuster concoct a simple personal injury scam that goes violently wrong. It’s a wild tale that’s equal parts Elmore Leonard, John Grisham and Carl Hiaasen at their very best.

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